“Connect to your today to Change your tomorrow”

Coaching you to be your best self

Hi everyone, my name is Noelle,  Personal, Leadership & Executive Coach.   I am very pleased to meet you!

My life’s journey to date has always been to learn, develop and grow.  A long time ago I learned that in order to be my best I had to start listening, REALLY listening to the things I was telling myself.  I recognised and removed those negatives, those limiting beliefs and created new positives to be a ‘can do’ kind of person. I guess you can say I put myself wholeheartedly into whatever it is I needed to do at any given time.  

I've been there, wore that tee-shirt and now I live according to my core values.  It is my mission to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to discover what it is that's holding them back and change it to live a better life.


I believe in looking for new opportunities to develop and grow, be that in your personal life or business, and I give guidance and support in this regard.
By fostering a two-way exchange of ideas, helps to create understanding and connection,  allows you to face your fears and change your life.  
Today is the day you have to change your story, so do it now it's not that daunting honestly! 


There are people who draw you towards them with their presence. Noelle is one of those people. She has a warm, infectious personality which makes the person feel instantly comfortable in her presence. I worked with Noelle for over a month and saw first-hand her disarming curiosity and her gentle ability to draw out the subject matter which was under the surface of each conversation.

Indeed, the thing which caught my attention most during our time together was her ability to go global with a conversation and then bring it small, without losing the flow of the conversation.

For me, it’s a testament to her attentiveness, to her genuine interest in me, the client, in what I had to say. Coupled with that, her many years’ life and business experience and you get a sense of the wisdom which characterizes this person. I fully recommend Noelle as a coach. Her impact in the coaching profession will be immense in the years to come, in my humble view. Michael Hegarty

I recently completed some coaching sessions with Noelle & would highly recommend her. She helped me zone in on key areas for improvement & worked through solutions with me. Noelle was professional, supportive & put me at ease from the start. I found the sessions to be really beneficial. Olga