Imagine being able to walk with confidence knowing and trusting your ownself

Coaching you to be your best self

Are you someone who is constantly doubting yourself or comparing yourself to others? Looking for that one solution to an ongoing internal conflict?

By collaborating with our clients they gain clarity, create goals, learn and evolve, and more importantly remove those thoughts in their heads that prevent them from living the life they want.

Our areas of expertise are Personal Development, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Our innovative business model offers our clients new and creative ways to tap into their thinking, challenge themselves, push their boundaries and grow.
‘Learn to do things differently!’

Noelle Roche founder of Connect & Change Coaching has a background in Beauty & Finance. Through her work and life experiences she has evolved to become the passionate coach she is today. Over the years she has come to realise that her gift to people is to support, listen and help them identify the blockages they hold. She guides them to fix those broken parts of themselves and reconnect with their strengths and positive beliefs that serve them well, move forward to feel not just good but great.

Connect & Change Coaching was founded in 2020 with its core value of supporting, healing and re-connecting clients to their strengths, passions and beliefs in themselves. Through positive psychology, personal development and emotional intelligence we empower our clients to connect with their blockages, recognize what no longer serves them and help them change their mindset to transform their lives.


Today we have so many pressures from all around us but our biggest pressure is from within ourselves.  Our thoughts drive how we feel and have a profound effect on how we interact with others

Noelle works with her clients to help them open up and recognise those negative beliefs that hold them back.  She helps clients to get vulnerable and reveal those parts of themselves they are least comfortable with.  This is where real transformation comes in.

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